Software development can be technically complicated. Some things being said around the office are exactly like rocket science, especially when said by people who have a Masters degree in higher mathematics. This arena is a geek’s playground, a place to create powerful tools that can change the world. Their weighty competence can be very frightening, and make the average business owner feel confident, nervous, and out of their depth at the same time.

The good news is that strategic choices are informed and guided, by using common sense. If something is misunderstood, feels left out or has been improperly explained, tell your guide. The one in charge of your project should excel in communication with you. An expedition will fail if you go in the wrong direction and have prepared inadequate or inappropriate provisions for the trip. You could freeze to death on a snow-covered mountain when you expected a safari.

Being organized has the same rules. There is new and exciting software solutions being created every day to help common tasks.

I was recently referenced in an article about going back to basics by Emma Siemasko, for the folks over at Grasshopper, and the common sense usage of modern software tools for productivity.

I have a shared calendar that I share with my team, so they know where I am and what the theme of the day is because I am usually offsite with a client, or having face-time with prospective clients,’ says Koby. ‘For those of us (including myself) that have Macs in addition to PCs, we use iCal and sync them with Google Calendar. Without this structure it would be chaos, because as a small global business we juggle many tasks and wear many hats.


There's No Magic Fix: Get Organized by Going Back to Basics, Grasshopper Blog

What is simple and straightforward is often the best when creating a winning strategy. The show Game of Thrones has a interesting fact, its author George R. R. Martin writes it in a decades old version of a word editor, because of its simplicity. Overcomplicating things when you need results is not a good strategy. Focus on the important thing: your business, and let the geeks focus on the technical details.