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Frequently Asked Questions

What languages do you specialize in?

The short answer is:  we are fluent in most languages in technologies, as we specialize in building software. You might notice our website is mostly free of technical jargon. This is deliberate. Our clients typically want us to solve a problem so they can concentrate on their business. Talking about specific technologies and skill sets is like decorating a house before building it. Usually if someone requests a specific skill in a software or web developer, they have already self-diagnosed their problem and need a staffing agency or a pair of hands on a keyboard to direct. This may be what is best for your company right now - but our deep experience and a brief conversation might help a little more.

How are you able to affordably produce high quality?

Our company was born in the aftermath of the dotcom recession of 2001, when only the die-hard techs kept going. Also, you can have quality without security... but not security without quality. We started nimble and agile with a quality focus, boostrapped with little overhead... and we've kept it that way with zero outside investors. We have two offices, but they are not mandatory - we were a virtual company from the beginning. For the first 12 years we did business only by word-of-mouth, without sales or marketing. This means we have no bloat in our pricing that larger agencies charge you. In fact, if you go with a large agency, there is a good chance we may be doing the work anyway!

How do we know if custom software is the right choice?

Until you clarify what success means to your business, any road will get you where you are going... to disappointment. Never pursue a murky goal. Making custom software development a critical part of your business means making sure you’re informed and have a plan. A key step is learning when to allow a partner to handle these responsibilities for you. When you find a partner that knows how to plan for success, and demonstrates they know how to measure it, that is a good sign. They should help you make informed business decisions. A partner should prove they care about your needs, by asking more questions about your business and goals than you ever imagined.

How do you price a project or service?

We have many different models, so you can choose what is best for your business. For hourly-rate projects, we can manage our engineers, or you can (outstaffing). For estimated projects, most agencies will give you a big number, trying to sign the project without discussing all the details. Then they hope the number was big enough to cover the cost of the details when they get the project. We prefer to do an exploratory Agile Prototype first, then the actual project afterward - so we have a more accurate result for all. However, we can work with your business to focus on speed, budget, and quality in a way that makes sense.

How do we avoid making a classic mistake with our project?

Before you get started you need to accept that the responsibility of caring for your own software is a critical part of ownership. Some companies think that after they release their custom software, they can put it in their corporate toolbox like a hammer and ignore it - and they budget accordingly. Software is like a living plant, it needs ongoing maintenance and updates. This is to keep to free of bugs as the environment changes, and secure from infections. Problems arise when managers think they can develop software and forget about it

How should we evaluate a software development partner?

Start small. This is another reason for Agile Protoyping your solution first. A wise decision is to invest a small amount in exploring what you plan to build before you commit to investing a large sum in actually building it. You will have a defined specification that you can take anywhere to get a confident estimate, without committing to a long build. Does your partner do what they say they were going to do, when they said they would do it? This is a cornerstone for integrity, and a helpful signal for a good partner. During your initial engagement look for a combination of reliability, transparency, passion, sensitivity to your security needs, and technical competence. You might like to know our CEO, Koby Bryan, is the published author of a book called #Integrity: Developing a Principled Life.

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