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Born In Hot Water – From The Passion Of The 1990’s

We were actually a team before our company was founded in 2004. Through 2000 and 2001 our Founder, Koby, was the Senior Developer of a small international group of rock-star developers that helped generate over 90 million for Blue Yonder (formerly: i2 Technologies)  in enterprise logistics and supply chain management software. The team created projects 24/7 with developers in US, England, Central Europe, and Sweden with an emphasis on teamwork, creativity, craftsmanship, design, quality, security, and a self-directed approach. The band was on tour all the time, and the profits were good for our employer.

Then the dotcom collapse of 2001 hit. The band stayed together independently afterward, and continued to gain and service clients. Without an employer, the market kept us cutting-edge sharp – if we didn’t perform, we didn’t eat. After 3 years like this, the band needed a name.

Since our deep experience in software consulting was a big part of the success of our clients, in 2004 we took the name Koby Consulting, LLC. We led product development for small offline clients that became large multi-million dollar online businesses, and leveraged this experience to create mobile applications that converted billions of dollars in annual transactions.

After 20 years, we decided it was time for a change. In the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we renamed Koby Consulting, LLC as Black Tea Software. After all, black tea has fueled us for over two decades. We are tea fanatics.

We have been able to happily service clients in the following industries (and many more): Automotive, Consulting, B2B & B2C eCommerce, Education and Training (Online), Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC), Enterprise Retail, Finance, Government (State, County, and Federal), Healthcare, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Human Resources, Marketing and Advertising (Online, Print, Social Media, Video, Radio, Billboards), Real Estate, Security, Software, Supply Chain Management.

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How We Work

We have a few principles repeated around here.

  • Focus on quality and security. An agile company being choosy about its projects can produce higher quality more consistently vs a slow one focused on getting as much quantity business as it can. If we focus on quality, reliable and consistent results will enable the team to leverage individual strengths for a greater outcome.
  • Leverage the team. Software development is meant to be a team-sport. Everything about the craft of software development is meant to multiply the power of a few, to handle bigger opportunities than one person could handle alone.
  • Be reliable and professional. Regardless of technical skill, without reliability those skills mean nothing to the team, the software product, or our customers.
  • Avoid the maverick “10x” developer. A gifted solo developer can sometimes produce work equal or exceeding that of a small team, but they will always reach physical limits and become unreliable – a big security liability. Ironically, this happens faster the more celebrity and attention they get.


What We Stand For

We have three core values in our global small business.

  • Do the right thing by the customer. Our clients say that they appreciate that we have their best interests in mind, and we really understand their business, which is why they enjoy working with us.
  • Do what you say you will do. This is a value central to integrity. Once someone takes responsibility and commitment for an outcome, reliability is required.
  • Communicate early and often. Constant communication is needed so people do not need to waste valuable time getting properly informed before making a decision.

"You can have quality without security, but you can't have security without quality."


"Your integrity attracts like-minded people to you when you want to produce and create."

Koby – Founder & CEO, Black Tea Software

"Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable."

Ralph Johnson

"Discipline is the best tool. Design first, then code. Don’t patch bugs out, rewrite them out. Don’t test bugs out, DESIGN them out."


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